What is Shred2You?

Shred2You is an on-site and mobile, residential and business shredding service. Helping individuals living and working on the Central Coast safely get rid of unwanted confidential paper waste. In addition to the on-location shredding, Shred2You offers viewing of the shredding for customers who wish to dispose of their own paper documents quickly, privately and conveniently.

Who should use Shred2You?

• People who have to relocate family or help them move.

• People who are retiring from a home based business.

• People who are moving.

• People that want to get rid of old paperwork.

• People who have old tax returns or banking documents.

• People who want to get organized.

• People who are going paperless and scanning documents into their computers.



Shred2You, your local document shredding company for individuals.

All of our staff are HIPAA Trained and Certified!