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What is an AAA NAID Certification and Why Does it Matter?

If you are looking for a shredding or document destruction company, you may see a label that claims “AAA NSAID Certified.” If you do not see this logo, you may not want to trust this company with your confidential documents. While the NAID program is voluntary and not required for companies to be able to care for confidential information, holding the certification shows not only their commitment to the protection of any information entrusted to them but that they were willing to take the steps to prove it. Here, we would like to take a moment to explain what a NAID AAA Certification stamp means and why it should matter to you.

The National Association for Information Destruction

The National Association for Information Destruction (NAID) is an internal trade association among the companies that provide information destruction services. Any company which provides products, equipment, and services to information destruction companies are also eligible for membership in the association. The NAID sets standards and outlines ethics for its members and the entire industry. While membership is optional, membership in any trade association shows commitment to ethically and professionally conducting business.

NAID AAA Certification

For a company to obtain NAID certification, they must establish ongoing compliance and security practices that fulfill important regulatory requirements. Obtaining a certification through NAID requires a company to validate their policy and procedures that relate to data storage and destruction. A quality audit must be conducted along with a thorough investigation of security measures. Random compliance monitoring is conducted to ensure that the company keeps up with their certifications. A triple-A rating means that the information destruction company who bears the badge has passed all of the regulatory requirements and security standards.

Why does an NAID AAA Certification matter?

As a consumer who seeks out an information destruction company, selecting one that holds an NAID AAA Certification means that you have chosen to invest in a company who cares about safeguarding your client’s information just as much as you do. For some industries, such as medical, legal, and financial companies, it is not just an ethical obligation, it is a legal obligation to safeguard the information, from inception to destruction. This means that it does not matter who actually performs the destruction, if it is not done correctly, you will still be held responsible. Selecting a destruction company that is NAID AAA Certified, you can rest assured that the information is being safeguarded until it is destroyed.

As an information destruction company, holding an AAA NAID Certification proves to potential clients and other destructions companies that you are committed to all of the ethical, legal, and regulatory obligations of the industry. Holding an NAID AAA Certification opens up your marketability to many more clients. Many organizations and industries use information destruction services including retail, service industry companies, and hotels chains that may not have confidential information that requires strict protection and will not care about the certification. However, many companies who regard their reputation highly will safeguard personal information regardless of whether it is considered confidential or not.

At Shred 2 You, we take pride in providing the highest quality of information destruction services for all industries. We safeguard information that is entrusted to us and have taken the initiative to obtain NAID AAA Certification to prove our dedication. If you need to destroy confidential or personal information, contact us. We have mobile, on-site destruction services and we use the best quality cross-cut shredders to ensure the information is completely destroyed. For more information or to schedule your services, contact us today!

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