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Document Shredding Demystified

Document Shredding Demystified

When it comes to document shredding, most people understand that there are things that they wouldn’t simply toss in the trash can and prefer to make it unreadable by the random passerby. Over the last few decades, more public awareness has been made as to how what is thrown in the trash can affect identity theft and stalking, so many households have invested in personal shredders or collect their shreddable documents to take to a shredding service company. What the majority of people may not understand, however, are the different shredding processes and how they may affect the documents that you are attempting to destroy. Here, we will help shed a light on the document shredding process to help you better understand.

Strip-Cut Shredding

Strip-cut shredding is the most common and most basic form of shredding. This is what type of shredding is completed by most personal and office shredders. This type of shredding relies on a strip of shredding blades that simply slices the paper into thin strips as it passes over the sharp blades. Strip-cut shredding effectively tears documents and provides a nice collection of recyclable paper strips, but is also fairly easy to piece back together. This type of shredding is ideal for household shredding of mail and other personal documents.

Cross-Cut Shredding

Cross-cut shredding is another very common type of shredding and is considered to be effective at destroying the integrity of documents. Cross shredders use a double blade system, where the shredding blades are angled differently so each piece of paper that is passed between the two sides is cut into little bits. This is considered more secure than strip-cut shredding and would take a great deal of patience and effort to reassemble the pieces. Cross-cut shredding is ideal for personal information and is the shredding option of choice for most businesses that deal with clients’ personal information, such as medical or financial documents.

Micro Shredding

Micro shredding is the most effective way to dispose of confidential information through the shredding process. A micro shredder uses several shredding blades to essentially cut the paper into tiny bits of confetti-like scraps. In fact, micro shredders cut the paper into more than 2,000 pieces; whereas, the same amount of paper would be cut into around 400 pieces by a cross-shredder. These micro pieces of paper are not able to be put back together and are effective at completely destroying the information on the paper without the need for a second step. Micro shredders are not as common or as readily available.

For an additional level of protection and destruction for any of the above, listed processes, the shredded contents can then be incinerated or mixed with liquid to form a pulp. Before you simply toss your confidential documents into any old shredder, it is important to understand what you are shredding and how it is being shredded. Certain documents are protected, and the shredding level is designated. For instance, classified information must be, at a minimum, cross-shredded to limit the potential for the information being reassembled.

If you have personal or business documents to shred in the Santa Maria area, you don’t have to contemplate what kind of shredder is best for your needs or where to find one, Shred 2 You provides mobile shredding services to meet your needs. We have different shredders and can either take your documents to our shredding center or shred on-site to give you peace of mind. Once your documents are destroyed, we can then recycle or further destroy the shredded remains. Before you attempt to navigate the shredding possibilities, contact us to help answer your questions and schedule your convenient shredding services.

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